Earliest memories Part 1

I lived with my real mom up until I was 6. It was hell. I remember moving a lot, and she always had different men at our house.

If satan was a person than his name would be Dale. My mom was dating him. She always had shitty taste in men. He would hit her, and us. My two older brothers would try to protect me by hiding me in the closet, It had a lock on the outside so that I wouldn’t get out and try to help. One night the fighting got so bad that my mother stacked all of the furniture in front of the door to the house so he wouldn’t get in.

Dale hid drugs in the house and called the cops and told them where to find it and that she had kids. So child protective services were called. My brothers locked me in the closet so that if he got in I would be out of sight.

He didn’t get in. The cops did. No one told them I was in the closet. I was 4. Trapped in a closet for two days.

Last year we heard that someone had taken Dale into the woods and shot him. I was happy.


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