Very Moody pregnant woman

I just want to start off by saying I am not proud of the way I reacted to the following story and I am very embarrassed.

Throughout my whole pregnancy I have craved mashed potatoes. KFC has really good mashed potatoes and gravy, I have cooked every night this week so I was excited to go pick up some food. My dear sweet husband drove me because he’s an angel and I do not deserve him.

We pulled up to the drive through and I usually lean across and order because I change what I want to often. Well the lady that was taking the order had a very big attitude and said “I can’t hear when you order from the other side of the car.” (just a side note here. I have worked as a waitress and BELIEVE me, being nice is not always easy. however I’ve always managed to keep my cool.) So I had my husband (I’m going to name him dan for this blog), repeat my order. GOD FORBID I SAY DR. PEPPER INSTEAD OF MR. PIB. She then says I don’t sell Dr. pepper.

So I don’t know for sure if it’s the way she said that SHE doesn’t sell Dr. Pepper or the fact that she was so rude when she said it but I was mad. Dan looks at me and asked if I want to go somewhere else. I said yes. Miss “no customer service having ass” then butts in and says “I still can’t hear you on the other side of the car.” I crawled over my husband and said “we are going somewhere that doesn’t have shitty customer service.” Dan chose that moment to stomp on the gas…

I know being in customer service can be very challenging. I know that people have bad days. However you should never bring your own problems into a workplace and let it affect your performance.

I should have been more understanding in this situation and taken into account that she was probably having a bad day. My hormonal rage got the best of me today…


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