So things aren’t going so well

Life in the military can be a very good bad thing. Joining is probably the only reason I’m not a crack head right now… But my work life sucks. I am pregnant and with my career field that means that instead of doing the job I joined to do I’m stuck doing either nothing or bitch work. Also my supervision is not supportive at all. Actually, most of the time they are down right rude. Being in a high stress career field I was put on an 8 hr profile (a profile states the limitations according to my job) and for some reason they lost their freaking mind. I’ll give some back story…

The weather was about 95 degrees outside and it was time for squadron pictures. Our pictures were suppose to be taken in front of an F-16 (fighter jet). However at the time I was having extreme nausea and on my 7th hour. The jet hadn’t been towed to the spot that we were suppose to take pictures and the spot was on an open ramp with no shade. One of my higher ups said it’s time to go outside for the pictures (I’m on 7hrs and 30min now). I asked if I could leave.

Him “no stay for pictures”

me “Sir, I’m on an 8hr profile”

Him “really starting to fucking annoy me, go bring me a copy of your profile.”

(I provided a copy of my profile to him before and he didn’t even look at it. He said he knew exactly what I could and couldn’t do.)

me (hands him the profile)

(he reads it)

Him “This says “May work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week” there’s room for interpretation. go home”

Later that night when my husband got home (we work together) he said the pictures didn’t even happen because supervision didn’t route the correct paperwork (you have to have clearance to take pictures on a military flight line) and they had to stand in the sun waiting for an hour and a half.



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