Antelope Island with my mom

This day was so amazing! I had just gotten back from a deployment to Bagram Afghanistan and my mother came out to visit. She is my step mother but has been there since I was 8 years old. We have always had a rocky relationship but moving away seemed to make us grow closer in a weird way. She apologized for the way she treated me when I was younger and for always choosing her children (my step brother and sister) over me.

My father has always been a very mean and vindictive man. He would take his anger out on my little (step) brother and for her to get revenge she would make my life hell. I always understood why she was doing it though. It was as if she was saying an unspoken “it’s not personal”.

The day I took this picture she apologized and we became a lot closer.

She is now divorced from my Father. THANK GOD!



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