Earliest memories Part 1

I lived with my real mom up until I was 6. It was hell. I remember moving a lot, and she always had different men at our house. If satan was a person than his name would be Dale. My mom was dating him. She always had shitty taste in men. He would hit her,... Continue Reading →

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My shell

I have a habit. Any time my husband and I get in a fight or I get upset I retreat. I go quiet. I sleep. My husband is a wonderful man and not at all abusive so don't get the wrong idea. It's just a gut reaction to years and years of emotional and physical... Continue Reading →

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Antelope Island with my mom

This day was so amazing! I had just gotten back from a deployment to Bagram Afghanistan and my mother came out to visit. She is my step mother but has been there since I was 8 years old. We have always had a rocky relationship but moving away seemed to make us grow closer in... Continue Reading →

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On Anonymous Blogging


Tiny Rubies


It’s the mid-noughties. I’m at university, London is blowing my mind, and I’m tapping away on my LiveJournal like my life depends on it. I’m documenting all of my experiences, preserving them through writing, and reading the blog posts of strangers around the world doing the same. I’m reading (and writing) about breakups, sex, mixtapes, road trips, family drama, and beautiful vignettes about places visited, or wild nights out, or a feeling.

I treated my LiveJournal as a kind of late night confessional, a place to process and unpick and get things off my chest. There was no Twitter, no Instagram, no Snapchat back then. Facebook was just taking off, the wifi connection in our halls of residence was patchy at best, and everyone still spent hours creating MySpace layouts. People didn’t think about ‘managing’ their online presence. Anonymity still had value on the internet, in fact it was the…

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Locker room talk…

This post is honestly me wanting the opinion of other people. So bring on the disagreements and debates. "Locker room talk" is referred to as the way men talk to each other in private. Working in an environment with mostly men I have witnessed this more often than you would expect. Is it harmful? we... Continue Reading →

Very Moody pregnant woman

I just want to start off by saying I am not proud of the way I reacted to the following story and I am very embarrassed. Throughout my whole pregnancy I have craved mashed potatoes. KFC has really good mashed potatoes and gravy, I have cooked every night this week so I was excited to... Continue Reading →

So things aren’t going so well

Life in the military can be a very good bad thing. Joining is probably the only reason I'm not a crack head right now... But my work life sucks. I am pregnant and with my career field that means that instead of doing the job I joined to do I'm stuck doing either nothing or... Continue Reading →

Why I started this blog

So I have a fairly busy life and very few stress relievers. Everything in this blog will be about different parts of my life and things that I find interesting and funny. I'm going to break this down into catagories- Life in the military, being married young, pregnancy and babies, and everything in between. Everyone... Continue Reading →

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